Artist colonies are becoming an increasingly popular form of co-living apartment communities. Demand for these housing options is especially strong in expansive markets like Los Angeles, where residents can feel isolated and lonely, according to Kasey Burke, President of Meta Housing.

“In a society where automation and digital means of communication have begun to replace human interaction, many people are seeking to connect in person with others who have similar interests,” says Burke. “Art colonies, like some of the affordable housing communities that Meta Housing develops, provide an ideal setting for this connection and a place for people interested in developing their artistic talents to enjoy a sense of camaraderie with their neighbors at the community.”

Artist colonies are an affordable housing option that combines common area amenities such as community kitchens, visual arts and recording studios, and professional-level arts classes with private living spaces to deliver a unique co-living experience that brings people together. Many of these communities are located within or close to art-focused districts and environments.

Meta Housing has developed several affordable housing art colonies in the Los Angeles market in partnership with public and private entities committed to increasing housing affordability in underserved areas of the country. These communities include ACE/121 in Glendale, Washington Arts Collective in the Mid-City neighborhood, Carson Arts Colony in Carson, Santa Ana Arts Collective in Santa Ana, Burbank Senior Artists Colony in Burbank, PacArts in San Pedro, Long Beach Senior Arts Colony in Long Beach, and NoHo Senior Arts Colony in North Hollywood. Several of these art colonies cater to families, seniors, veterans, or residents with special needs.

“The art colonies we develop deliver a positive social atmosphere and specialized programming that elevates the lives of our residents in meaningful ways,” says Burke. “We’re pleased to see demand for this type of housing increasing in the Los Angeles market.”