Design with Purpose

Thoughtful design strengthens neighborhoods.

Meta Housing Corporation is deeply rooted in our commitment to thoughtful, appropriate design. We understand that the communities we build help to transform neighborhoods. Our team works closely with our architectural partners to ensure that each community flows seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. As a result, we have demonstrated our expertise in a wide range of styles, from modern to traditional, Spanish to Craftsman, among others.

Beyond the exterior, we are thoughtful in our approach to usable space, and we consistently design projects that focus on giving our residents the opportunity to come together and engage. Our projects incorporate large community spaces, outdoor courtyards, community gardens, classrooms, studios, and other unique spaces to encourage social ties among residents.

It is these unique design features that deliver true value and purpose to our residents, and to the cities we serve.

Improve Resident Life: Connect People & Communities

Engaged residents are happier, healthier citizens.

We integrate life-enhancing programs and social services into each of our developments to significantly impact the day-to-day lives of residents. From central, open community rooms to full-fledged professional theatres, we consistently create fresh, inviting spaces that bring our residents together to engage with one another, and with their local community.

Examples of services and programs we provide free of charge to residents include:

  • Tutoring & Computer Classes
  • After-School Programs
  • Financial Literacy Classes
  • English & Writing Classes
  • Continuing Education
  • Career Training & Job Placement Services
  • Community Mentorship
  • Processional Art, Music & Theatre Classes

Leverage State & Federal Resources

Because the right capital structure matters.

Meta Housing specializes in securing state and federal funds, and in leveraging these resources to deliver quality affordable housing to cities.

The key to this success is our ability to access tax credits and tax-exempt bonds. Competition for these financial sources is substantial, and regulations are constantly changing.

We are experts in navigating this complicated process, and we understand how to compete for specific funding, and ultimately how to finance and develop affordable projects in a way that creates and preserves value.

Encourage Civic Partnerships

Collaboration delivers projects to be proud of.

Meta Housing Corporation deeply values our strong relationships with local, state, and federal government entities.

As developers of affordable housing, we understand that collaborative public and private partnerships translate to development projects that cities are proud to call their own.

Our team continues to forge and nurture civic relationships in order to listen to the needs of local communities, and deliver projects that inspire civic leaders, as well as the residents they serve.

Inspiring Arts Engagement

Arts Colonies deliver a deeper level of engagement.

Meta Housing Corporation is one of the first developers in the nation to create arts colony communities. Centered on the concept that the arts play a significant role in both mental and physical health, our unique arts colonies deliver a truly integrated experience to residents and neighborhoods, while remaining affordable. Our arts colony concept goes beyond simply offering a few arts and crafts classes.

From professional art galleries and working art, dance, and digital media studios to a professional open-to-the-public theatre with an in-house resident theatre company, our arts colony communities foster active engagement and support continued learning and artistic discovery for each resident. Further, these communities serve as a cultural bridge for cities and the arts. Many of our arts colonies are developed in or near arts districts, providing spaces to attract the public to art shows and performances, and connect residents to the local community.

Enhance Walkability & Transportation Options

Access to transit provides better quality of life.

Meta Housing Corporation is committed to ensuring that residents have easy access to public transit and local services.

We understand that by leveraging existing and planned public transit options we can ease and improve the quality of life of our residents. Our team carefully selects sites close to transportation hubs and other services, such as grocery stores, schools, hospitals, pharmacies and parks.

By developing communities that incorporate a variety of transit options, we are able to foster healthier, happier and more engaged residents by connecting them with their local community.

Integrate Sustainability & Green Alternatives

Sustainable communities are healthy communities.

Meta Housing Corporation designs every project to meet LEED, Green Communities or GreenPoint requirements. By integrating sustainability into our communities, we are able to reduce each project’s impact on the environment, while also reducing costs through energy-saving features.

Our team thoughtfully integrates sustainable and green alternatives, including features such as solar thermal, photovoltaic, gray water systems, drought tolerant landscaping, recycled materials, etc.

We also encourage sustainability among our residents, supporting projects such as the creation of community gardens, as well as programs that reduce water usage and contribute to the overall well-being of local citizens.

Build Strong Financial Relationships

Strong financing means certainty of execution.

Meta Housing Corporation has a rich history of successful partnerships and projects. We have built and nurtured relationships with trusted partners, and continue to demonstrate our success through repeat transactions with exceptional lenders and investors. Our firm is known for our ability to execute, and our team specializes in creatively assembling financing for each and every project.

We have have been recognized by some of the most respected banks and financial institutions in the world, and we are proud to call them our partners. A few banks we work with repeatedly include Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank, along with many others.