Meta Housing carefully selects sites close to transportation hubs because they understand that enhancing walkability and transit options for residents will provide a better quality of life.

“We foster healthier, happier and more engaged residents by developing communities that incorporate a variety of transit options to connect them with their local community,” says Kasey Burke, President at Meta Housing. “By leveraging existing and planned public transit options, we can alleviate the stress and expense of a commute to work and other essential services, such as grocery stores, schools, hospitals, pharmacies and parks.”

In April 2022, Meta Housing broke ground on 619 S Westlake Avenue, a 78-unit affordable housing community in Los Angeles, California. The development is a reuse of an underutilized City property that will focus on supporting people who have experienced the fallout of the housing crisis. The project is heavily transit oriented, with the Westlake/Macarthur Park train stop within walking distance of the complex.

The design and transit-friendly location of this development will empower residents who do not have access to a car to explore the city, as well as provide them with easier access to daily necessities.