Meta Housing specializes in securing funds from federal, state, and municipal resources, and leveraging these tax credits to deliver quality affordable housing to cities. Their projects are designed to enhance communities and improve the quality of life for residents by bringing innovative solutions to affordable housing that infuse vibrancy, inspire community, and support individuals.

Mutual understanding and collaboration with the state and federal government is paramount when working to enhance communities and create change.

“Competition for these financial sources is substantial, and regulations are constantly changing,” says Kasey Burke, President at Meta Housing. “Our team are experts in navigating this complicated process. We understand how to communicate with government departments, compete for specific funding, and ultimately how to finance and develop affordable projects in a way that creates and preserves value.”

In addition to community enhancement, Meta’s work and communities serve as a catalyst for economic growth and revitalization for cities. In 2021 alone, Meta housing broke ground on 293 units utilizing federal disaster credits, delivering much needed housing to communities in California that had been impacted by natural disasters.

“Our long experience accessing tax credits and tax-exempt bonds consistently ensures that all funds are not only compliant with funder requirements but employed to their most impactful use within the community,” says Burke. “Our strategy is straightforward – we are experts in securing and arranging complex finance structures that ensure the highest and best use of available funds.”