Meta Housing, since 1993, has worked tirelessly to provide affordable and accessible housing to individuals and groups in California who earn below the area median income. The projects range from art communities, family housing, permanent supportive housing, rehab properties, senior housing, and housing for veterans.  

Today, Meta Housing has received 104 awards since 2001 for its innovation in design, ability to work with local communities and governments, and for numerous sustainability measures on project sites.  

When interviewed recently about the lack of housing in southern California, Kasey Burke, President at Meta Housing, explained that as asking rents in places like Orange County have increased by 16.7% between Q4 of 2020 and Q4 of 2021, affordable housing projects aren’t just important, but essential.  

“In times like these, it’s amazing when everyone involved in a project gives each other credit where credit is due and teamwork is prioritized over the need for individual recognition and accolades,” says Burke.  

The Meta team was recently recognized by The Kennedy Commission Affordable Housing Awards for “Best Large Family Development” at Westminster Crossing, a recently completed development in North Orange County that will provide 65-units of affordable housing to individuals and families.