While social impact programming and services have been an integral part of Meta Housing’s affordable housing communities for many years, the developer also incorporates the arts into select apartment properties known as arts colonies. By creating art colonies, Meta Housing is providing an invaluable service for lower-income residents that also benefits the surrounding communities, according to Kasey Burke, President of Meta Housing.

“Those who make a living in and express themselves through the arts often struggle to find attainable housing that meets their needs, particularly in places where the area median income is high,” says Burke. “The arts colonies we develop deliver attractive apartment homes for these individuals and their families while nurturing artistic expression and performances the local region can enjoy.”

In addition to nurturing talent in music, acting, painting, dance, and a wealth of other crafts, arts colonies provide an outlet for artists to share their gifts with the neighboring community, notes Burke.

“Affordable housing developments such as Carson Arts Colony in Carson, California, with its art gallery in support of women artists, and NoHo Senior Arts Colony in North Hollywood, California, which features a 78-seat professional theater, undeniably benefit the public,” says Burke. “From live performances to classes and exhibits, arts colonies present a way for gifted and talented residents to contribute culturally to people in their community and beyond.”

Meta Housing has developed seven arts colonies in Southern California since 2005. An eighth property, Washington Arts Collective in Los Angeles, California, is currently in pre-development.